Driving Home for Christmas

I’ve finished work for Christmas so I’ll be taking a short break from the blog to eat, drink and be merry with my friends and family.  Driving back home from work earlier today Chris Rea’s dulcet tone came floating out of the car speakers with his aptly named song ‘Driving Home for Christmas.’   Continue reading Driving Home for Christmas


The Fox News Technique – How NOT to Report the Truth in Qlik

You can do all sorts with charts, and people do.  They should quickly convey accurate and insightful trends but they can be abused – twisted or exaggerated to tell whatever story the developer wants.  They can also be mishandled by a well-meaning developer who has accidentally ticked the wrong option.

So where does Fox News fit into this?   Continue reading The Fox News Technique – How NOT to Report the Truth in Qlik

Woof. Getting the Point Across.

Often it’s easier to get the point across when it’s quicker to get to the point.  That’s why we use charts.  As a visualisation they should draw us to the key trends and figures without having to trawl through rows and columns of data.  However, aren’t they a bit boring?  Can’t we get the point across in a more immediate and engaging way?  So let’s strip away those axes and titles then see what we can do with a data set on pet ownership in the UK which I’ve taken from http://www.pfma.org.uk/regional-pet-population-2016 and stripped down to just the northern regions.  Here’s the raw data:

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BME Qlikview Higher Education Conference



Thank you to all those at the BME Qlikview Higher Education conference on the 18th November for your kind words on my presentation. It was great to share ideas and get inspiration for future dashboards.

I gave a presentation on student application monitoring using Qlikview.  The application was developed to be used on IPads and other tablet devices.  It is accessible anywhere, anytime and provides a means of self-service reporting.

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